Trio Accounting recently became a founding member of Life Centred Accountants, an international group of accountants focused on helping business owners identify, get and keep the life they want. Here’s why we signed the manifesto:...
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Did you know that great accountants do more than just end of year tax returns? That’s right! It’s time to get rid of the old “bean counter” assumptions and look at your accountant in a whole new way. Your finances are one of the most critical things in your...
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If only the end of the financial year was as fun as the end of the calendar year! But alas, for many business owners, the approaching financial year’s end is anything but a party. As 31st March approaches, numerous deadlines and chores lie in wait, and it can all get a bit...
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“I pay tax on my drawings, right?” “I don’t have to pay any tax because I’ve only taken drawings” “Isn’t drawings the same as a salary?” Drawings is one of the most confusing areas for business owners and it’s not surprising. Google “What are drawings...
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If you’ve been chasing unpaid invoices and its looking highly unlikely that you will ever receive payment then perhaps it’s time to consider whether you should write it off as a bad debt. Under normal circumstances, you have to physically record the invoice as a bad debt...
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