Many people find money & finances, particularly business finance a mystical and scary topic. It’s not surprising as our relationship with both numbers and money comes with a lot of baggage. But here’s the thing… numbers just like words are simply a way of communic...
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For most business owners and entrepreneurs, worry is a fact of life. You’ve been there with the 3am wake-up call when you’re sweating over cashflow or how you’re going to handle a poorly performing team member. Worry and stress normally ebbs and flows. But lately it se...
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I've been speaking to lots of groups over the past few days and sharing practical tips on how to manage in the incredibly challenging and rapidly evolving situation we find ourselves in.  Difficult as things are, there are always options. Out of adversity comes opportun...
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When a crisis hits, our bodies automatically go into fight, flight or freeze mode. Which is great if you're being chased by a hungry lion but it's not overly helpful right now - even if it is a totally normal and understandable response to our current situation.  As we ...
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