Love your numbers

Accounting done with you

When it comes to your business finances, you know that you know some stuff. But you also know that there is stuff you don’t. So you either worry about the financial side of your business or cross your fingers and hope for the best.

You might be just starting out in business or you could have been in business for a while. You might be telling yourself that numbers are scary. And you might feel like your business finances are a big black cloud hanging over your head that you can't afford to do anything about. 

It doesn't have to be this way...

Feel confident around your numbers and understand the essentials when it comes to business finances and tax through the Love Your Numbers group coaching programme.

How it works

Love Your Numbers is a group coaching programme facilitated by Nickie Sheehan, Chartered Accountant and Trio's Chief Encouragement Officer.  

Through the Love Your Numbers group, you'll receive a combination of education, information, coaching and advice to help you understand and take control of your business finances. Run through a private Facebook group, the programme includes: 

Training webinars on a variety of business finance topics will run monthly and are recorded so you can view at a later date if something comes up. 

Fortnightly Q & A Sessions provide an opportunity for you to ask us about the things that are on your mind... from how much to put aside for tax to whether you should lease or buy a car. We know that you might not feel comfortable posting sensitive financial questions in the group, so you can message us privately and we'll anonymise the question and reply to it in the Q&A session.

Tips and shorter snippets are posted regularly throughout the month. 

We'll cover topics including:

  • Income tax, Provisional Tax, GST & FBT
  • Understanding accounting lingo
  • Demystifying the numbers – how to understand your key financial reports
  • What bank accounts do you need – how to manage your money
  • Budgets and Cashflow
  • Xero tips and tricks
  • Recording keeping
  • Pricing
  • Payroll & Staffing, and 
  • When to get help from an expert

So how much is it & when can I start?

The initial pilot programme is $39+GST per month. 

If you join during the first 3 months of the pilot programme, your monthly fee will be capped at $39/month for 12 months. 

To get started... click on the button below to go through to our sign-up page. Once you're signed up, we'll be in touch with access to the Facebook Group and send you through a monthly invoice for payment. Easy peasy. 

The group opens on 1 August. 


Do I have to change accountants? 

No, not at all. If you've got a great accountant or bookkeeper who takes care of your end of year accounts and tax there is absolutely no need to change. This group is about empowering you to understand more about your business finances, which means you'll be able to have better conversations with your accountant. 

I like doing my own accounts/can't afford to pay an accountant. Do I really need one?

Possibly, possibly not - it depends on your abilities, stage of business and the complexities of your business and personal situation. One of the aims of this group is to help upskill you so you're less likely to make mistakes, and also to help you recognise when you need to call in an expert. 

Do you give specific tax advice in the group?

Tax is a complex area, and there is only so much advice we can give in a group setting. You can expect generic advice that will be applicable to most businesses. If you have an issue that could potentially have tax fish-hooks or is more complex we'll let you know that it's outside the scope of the advice we can give in the group. 

If you have an accountant, we'll recommend you go back to them for specific advice. And if you don't have an accountant, we can provide you with a quote for one of our tax gurus to provide tailored advice. 

How long do I have to sign up for?

This is a month by month coaching programme, so you are able to cancel your membership at any point. 

Why do you want to know who my accountant is? 

Accounting and tax is a complex area, so we want to know if you've got an existing accountant and who that accountant is in case you need additional support and advice.